“We exist for one reason – to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions”

“Whether it’s starring in their own films, walking with dinosaurs, going on an amazing holiday, meeting a celebrity hero, or having a life-changing bedroom makeover; our wishes are varied, personal and, most importantly, magical. We go above and beyond to grant very special wishes to very special children; their dreams made a reality at a time when they need it most. Because a child’s life shouldn’t be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis – it should be about wonder, joy and hope.

We’ve seen the effects a wish can have on a seriously ill child: from the incredible memories that sustained Joey’s family as he battled cancer, the happiness felt by Beau that gave him the confidence to keep dreaming, the day that brought James’ family closer together, the self-belief that grew in Chloe, to the colour and life that returned to William. We know what wishes can give, and this is the driving force behind why we continue to do what we do.”

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