Private Equity for Public Markets

The EPIC Funds managed by Castik Capital will invest in listed companies typically located in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with the ability to drive value for its shareholders by investing in companies overlooked or misunderstood by the market and often out of favour with investors.

Funds managed by Castik Capital target investments with a significant opportunity to enhance the long-term value by improving corporate governance, operational performance, corporate strategy and structure:

  • Acquire positions of 20-29% of the publicly listed shares via either in-market block purchases, or public partial tender offers
  • Have complete support of the company, and only execute in a positive and in a friendly environment with the support of both the supervisory board and management board
  • Effect a dramatic change, such as reinvigorating growth, restructuring poor performing businesses or supporting strategic acquisitions to drive long-term value creation

EPIC Funds are typically one of the largest shareholders in its portfolio companies. Consequently, the Funds maintain a strong commitment to oversight of each of its investments.

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