Alpega Group

Business overview

Alpega is a leading global logistics software company, which has been formed from the combination of the former Wolters Kluwer Transport Services (main brands being Teleroute and Transwide), Austria-based inet-logistics and Sweden-based TenderEasy to form a true global software company that covers all transport needs of end-to-end supply chain visibility, including Transport Management Services (TMS) and Freight Exchanges.

The Group’s Transport Management Systems (TMS) software solutions, inet and Transwide, connect companies to a broad network of over 70,000 logistics providers and digitize their complex supply chain management. The systems provide live visibility over incoming and outgoing logistics and seamlessly link truck drivers and logistics providers with shippers. The company also operates three freight exchanges known as Teleroute, wtransnet and 123cargo that serve as marketplaces for matching spot shipments and capacities.

  • Transwide (TMS solution) is used by shippers, logistics service providers and carriers to manage the end-to-end execution of transports. Transwide’s SaaS solutions suite is multitenant, modular and integrated, allowing its clients to quickly generate return on investment. The solution reduces up to 80% of the processing costs of a transport order and up to 20% of the transport costs, improves supply chain visibility and provides in depth data analysis of the logistics performance. Transwide covers Gartner levels 1-3 in logistics software and has many blue chip customers from the Chemical, Agricultural, Pulp Paper Packaging, Mining & Minerals as well as Logistics Providers industries.
  • inet (TMS solution) is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) TMS solution for complex, multi-modal global transportation networks including their optimization. inet is a long-standing participant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, covering levels 3-5. inet counts many blue chip customers among their customer base, such as AGCO, Robert Bosch and Volvo. Logistics cost savings of up to 20% can be achieved due to optimization and digitization of the supply-chain.
  • Freight exchanges play a vital role for the logistics industry. Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) are connected to over 70,000 carriers (logistics companies) to offer and allocate shipments while carriers can share and reduce empty capacities. By helping LSPs to find trucks for their loads and helping trucks to find loads for their routes, this significantly reduces empty truck space and thereby transport costs and emissions. Alpega freight exchanges operate on a pan-European basis.

All parts of Alpega benefit from the trend towards digitization of the supply chain and from a combination of their long standing logistics experience. Customers benefit from access to the significantly increased network of logistic partners from all Alpega companies.

Investment highlights

  • Strong trend towards digitization of the supply chain leading to a very fast growing market for SaaS TMS
  • High customer loyalty as TMS solutions fulfill an essential function for their customers and are deeply integrated in their workflows and systems
  • Leading technology and logistics expertise as proven by being a long-standing member of the Gartner Magic Quadrant and a portfolio of Fortune 1000 clients
  • Recession resilient business, as cost savings become more vital during a crisis and transportation (optimization) needs remain
  • Low dependency on individual customers, especially with regards to the freight exchanges, as they have a vital function for the logistics ecosystem by reducing empty truck space, transport costs and emissions

Value creation strategy

  • Organic growth: Support of the management team in growing their teams to further expand the transport management solutions footprint, winning new customers and rolling out the solution at multiple customer sites.
  • Software development: Castik supports the investment in further development and improvement of the alpega Group solutions, both in TMS and FX, as supply chain and logistics needs become increasingly demanding and integrate.
  • Growth through acquisitions: Castik is supporting the acquisition and integration of further best in class software solutions in order to expand the alpega product offering in Europe and beyond.
  • Corporate structure: Various strong logistics solutions some of which are carve-outs from corporates are brought together in a strong stand-alone structure with critical size.

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Alpega Group


Dornbirn (Austria)
Brussels (Belgium)


c. 600

Acquisition date:

April 2017 (inet)
June 2017 (Wolters Kluwer Transport Services)

December 2017 (Tendereasy)

July 2018 (Rights to 4flow vista® transport planning and optimisation software)

August 2018 (wtransnet)

Executive Committee:

Fabrice Maquignon, CEO Alpega (Transwide and freight exchanges)
Oswald Werle, CEO Alpega (inet)
Andreas Muther, COO Alpega (inet)
Fabrice Douteaud, COO Alpega (freight exchanges)
Julia Loeppert, Group CFO Alpega