Core Private Equity

Within the core private equity strategy, the EPIC Funds managed by Castik Capital acquire a majority or large minority stake in privately held companies, with active participation from management. The focus is to support the growth of the Fund’s portfolio companies over a period of up to 10 years, while creating sustainable value for shareholders and employees.

Typical Investment Situations

Castik has a very flexible investment mandate to facilitate a company’s needs. Accordingly, investment situations can come in various forms. What all situations have in common is that Castik is looking to partner with excellent management teams in situations with a clear value creation strategy. Examples for typical investment situations are:

  • Succession planning
    Enabling an immediate or gradual succession for successful entrepreneurs
  • Management Buy-In (MBI)
    Backing experienced buy-in management teams
  • Management Buy-Out (MBO)
    Supporting incumbent management teams in acquiring equity ownership of their business
  • Growth Capital
    Providing capital to take a company to the next level of its development
  • Carve-Out
    Paving the way for “corporate orphans” to develop their full potential
  • Buy-and-Build
    Consolidating a fragmented market
  • Capital increase
    Financing growth, supporting a transformative acquisition or assisting with a major restructuring or transformation

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